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Education to be complete, must be humane, it must include not only the training of the intellect but also the refinement of heart and discipline of the spirits - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan


Character is like a tree and reputations like its shadow. The shadow is what we are think of it; the tree is the real thing. - Abraham Llincoln


Citizens must be able to stand on their own legs, leading a dignified and fruitful life they must be well charactered well behaved and broad minded, well mannered and flexible, having healthy physique and mind following the path of truth, peace and harmony. The kind of education they get must enable them to have the all round development of their personality. It must help them to maintain a refined heart and discipline wherever they are. this is the very essence and purpose of education and this what we envisage. Over the years, the filip we received from the successful functioning of Sri Venkateshwara Residential High School     (T/M) recognized. at Wardhannapet, waragal sponspored by Sri Venkateshwara Society, constantly capturing 100% First class in S S C Examination since 1995, prompted us in fulfilling along cherished dream, the establishment of an English Medium School. The cooperation and the whole hearted ecouragement from the then existed members of Sri Venkateshwara Educational Socioety and renowned educationists and vetern pioneers in the educational arene from among the NRI’s Built a school of excellence on the outskirts of Hanamkonda away from pollution and just 15 to 20 minutes drive from Hanamkonda, Warangal and Kazipet. The school is located at Unikicherla Road, Dharmasagar , Warangal and is unique with its modern architectural designs vast campus spreading over 13 acres and with evergreen garden presenting a healthy, hygienic and congenial atmosphere for the most effective value based education to budding children. It entered in to functioning from June 2005 and it was a superior flight towards the heights of success without any look back or regrets. Now that the school gloriously entered seventh year it provides state of art facilities to impart the best education along with co ane extra curricular on par with the best corporate shcools in Andhra Pradesh maintaining international standards the students enjoy the most healthy environment, thanks to the school ‘s natural evergreen garden and spacious playground with facilities for all sports and games and all facilities for modern recreation. We are confident that the students have been reaping the fruits of learning knowledge in clean, green and stimulating environment and feeling relaxed and grow up to be confident citizen. The school began its journey with classes I to VIII during 2005-2006 subsequently upgraded to class x.since its inception in 2005 the school achived 100% results and hes presenting the fifth bacth. It was and is a matter of rejoice that our student have fourth bacth climed up the top steps of the ladder by achive 587/600 with district top rank and sixth state rank and,by the untiring effectull an conceptual teaching of our most dedicated teachers and ardent quest of our student, we do hope the fifth bacth also comeout ion flying colours.
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